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With timeless architecture, identity can be defined and donated, with each building the ever-changing image of a city or region can be redeveloped. Architecture and urban planning are the visible expression of the spiritual and economic condition of a city. Architecture gives perspective to a place, self-confidence, expression - and thus becomes one of the most important "building blocks" for a positive development of the future.

Identity-creating architecture can ensure that creative, courageous active people act on the pulse of time, or even drive the pulse! There are numerous examples in Germany, Europe and the world.

With the 1950s and 1960s architecture (such as "brutalism") after World War II, the opposite of an identity foundation was probably created. Inglorious examples of this can be visited in Hannover and Chemnitz, among others. The now ubiquitous "mainstream concrete-steel-glass architecture" sometimes causes astonishment, but identity is often unable to create this design, often referred to as a soulless commercial architecture.

Does the endeavored architectural community need external, meaningful impulses? The construction tasks range from single-family dwellings over commercial complexes to communal and ecclesiastical buildings - and interior design.

Since architecture is an art discipline, there is hope that the "fine arts" can help. The topic ARCHITECTURE | POWER/S | IDENTITY offers the widest possible range of creative possibilities to the artists participating in the ART PRIZE GERMANY 2019 in its entirety. The promoter calls on the artists interested in this topic from Germany, Europe and other continents to compete with one to three works for the ART PRIZE GERMANY (KUNSTPREIS DEUTSCHLAND 2019).

ART-PRIZE-GERMANY 2019 / Awarded by DER SPIEKER-Baustil e.V., Walsrode